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Trouble with 401(k) Plans

Graduation is behind you and it’s your first day on the new job. Your boss reminds you to stop in at the benefits department where you will be expected to make decisions regarding health insurance, dental and/or vision insurance, sick … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Update: Tax Changes 2013

Now that we’ve made it though the “cliff” and the “Mayan end of the world” scares, let’s take a look at what’s happened to taxes – and it’s been a lot. The payroll tax reduction has ended, new Medicare surtaxes … Continue reading

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Class Discussion and Assignment: What We Spend Our Money On

Teaching Tip:  The Planet Money article, “What America Buys” is fascinating, and the side-by-side graph showing the spending differences between 1949 and 2012 are extremely interesting.  If you can project these onto the board in class, it’s a great place … Continue reading

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Class Assignment and Discussion: The Living Too Long Problem – Longevity Insurance

Teaching Tip: has a great video titled “Living to 100? That will be $3.5 million.”  (Note, the video appears part way down the page, just click on it and it will show up.) “Live long and prosper” – it’s … Continue reading

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Finance in the News: The Debit Card User Fee, Part 2

Teaching Tip:  This is the second of two “Finance in the News” write-ups dealing with debit cards.  These assignments can be presented together or following each other. In Chapter 5 we discussed debit cards and how to use them, but … Continue reading

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Class Discussion: An Insurance Policy Against….

In Chapter 9 we look at health insurance, and in Chapter 10 we look at property and liability insurance – in both chapters we look at not only what you need, but what you don’t need.  But there are some … Continue reading

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