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Class Assignment and Discussion: The Napkin Assignment

Teaching Tip and Assignment:  One of the best personal finance columnists around is Carl Richards, a certified financial planner and founder of Prasada Capital Management.  On his blog “Bucks, Making the Most of Your Money”in the New York Times, Carl … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Update: Chapter 4, Tax Changes for 2012

As with every year, 2012 begins with a new set of tax rules, and it’s pretty certain that the tax rules will continue to change throughout 2012.  What makes this a certainty is that Congress did not address some of … Continue reading

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Class Discussion or Assignment: Santana Moss reportedly owes over $250,000 in back taxes

Just because you make a lot of money, doesn’t mean you don’t spend even more.  In Chapter 2 of Turning Money Into Wealth we look at the importance of budgeting and how to actually set up an effective budget – … Continue reading

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Class Discussion and In-Class Introductory Quiz: Your Credit Score

Teaching Tip:  This “quiz” is a great way to begin your lecture on credit scores.  While this exercise can be done online, it can just as easily be done in class, where the correct answer and reasoning behind that answer … Continue reading

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Class Discussion & Podcast: A Financial Advisor Takes a Hit in the Housing Market

Teaching Tip:  This is a fascinating podcast that describes how a financial advisor got sucked into the housing boom and suffered a sad ending.  The podcast isn’t that long, only a bit over 17 minutes, so it isn’t too much … Continue reading

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Finance in the News: A Look at the Principal Financial Well-Being Index

Every quarter the Principal Financial Group has Harris Interactive conduct a survey of the financial well-being of adults working at small and mid-sized U.S. businesses.  So, how do Americans feel about their financial well-being?  The answer can be found in … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Video: Understanding the European Debt Crisis

Teaching Tip:  The beginning of the semester is a good time to try to understand what is going on in the economy.  In an earlier blog entry I discussed using a video by The Wall Street Journal to explain the … Continue reading

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