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Discussion Topic: Who Pays Taxes in America?

Teaching Tip: This discussion can be developed based upon an out of class assignment (your students prepare to answer the discussion questions before class), or if you have access to the internet in class and can project the NPR Planet … Continue reading

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Heads Up to Students – An e-mail to Your Students: Dealing with Student Debt

If you’ve got student loans and you’re like most students, you try not to think about it.  But at some point you’re going to have to deal with them – and while that’s not going to be pleasant, there are … Continue reading

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Class Discussion: The Downside of Student Loans

Teaching tip: There is a very good, short, three and a half minute video with the author of the article that can be played in class to begin a healthy class discussion.  It works well in particular is you have … Continue reading

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Class Discussion and Assignment: 100 Years of Spending

100 years can bring about a lot of change.  Let’s look a a couple of these changes: In 1901, the average family size was 4.9 people, by 2002-03 it was down to 2.5. In 1901 women made up one quarter … Continue reading

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Class Assignment and Discussion: The Money-Death Problem

The New Yorker has always been famous for it cartoons, and one of the best is a 2003 cartoon by Barbara Smaller that shows a husband talking to his wife, saying, “If we take a late retirement and an early … Continue reading

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Class Assignment, and Discussion: What We Do for a Living

In Chapter 1 of Personal Finance Turning Money Into Wealth we take a look at “Thinking About a Career” and discuss the steps involved in career planning.   The first, and maybe most important step in career planning, is doing a … Continue reading

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