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Class Discussion: How the Downturn in the Economy Has Changed American Lives

Everyone has felt the impact of the recent downturn in the economy.  If you haven’t lost your job, you probably know someone who has or someone who is afraid they will.  In addition, your investment or your parents’ investments along … Continue reading

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Student Exercise: A Closer Look at Credit Unions

The Wall Street Journal recently carried an article titled “Credit Unions: a Cheaper Banking Option.”  This article deals with the fact that credit unions typically have lower rates on loans and often have better deals on savings and checking accounts … Continue reading

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Podcast Class Assignment: Understanding Operation Twist

A lot has been happening lately in the economy.  Last week the Federal Reserve announced they were going to launch something called Operation Twist.  The Fed, worried about unemployment, is trying to lower long-term interest rates, hoping that this action … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Explaining the Beginning of the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis that began with the downfall of Bear Sterns in 2009, which led to the death of Lehman Brothers, which in turn led to the stock market crash followed by the recession is complicated to say the least … Continue reading

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Student Exercise: A Look at Apparel Spending

Do you ever wish you could quickly and easily see all of your financial information? As we discussed in Chapter 2, does a great job of putting all of your balances and transactions together in one place providing you … Continue reading

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