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Mind Games and Fuzzy Math

You are at your local mall shopping for a sweater for your dad’s birthday. Ever find yourself wishing you had a calculator? How fast can you figure out what 25% off of $52.00 is? Would you make your “decision to … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Tips for College Students

Classes have started.  You are technically “on your own” –- or at least on your way.  Ready for a little more advice?  This time it’s not from mom, dad, grandma or grandpa or whoever it is that certainly “knows better … Continue reading

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Trouble with 401(k) Plans

Graduation is behind you and it’s your first day on the new job. Your boss reminds you to stop in at the benefits department where you will be expected to make decisions regarding health insurance, dental and/or vision insurance, sick … Continue reading

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As Interest Rates Climb…

In Chapter 14 of Personal Finance, Turning Money Into Wealth, there is a section titled “Why Bonds Fluctuate in Value.” In that section we look at the relationship between bond prices and changes in interest rates. There is an inverse … Continue reading

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